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Luxliss Big Hair Volumist, a certified brand from USA

Luxliss Professional, Certified Premium Brand from USA

Luxliss Volumist serves the secret of hair & scalp oil control, creates big hair volume with weightless natural impact!  It also brings out the best of long lasting styling effect for a more volume, fresh scalp and nice hair day for all of us.

There are 10 products in Luxliss Volumist series, just click on this link below for a brief preview.

LUXLISS Professional#volume#oil control#texture#
1.  #定型喷雾 造型持久 Rock Shake Texture Spray
2.  #海盐保湿 修复喷雾 Sea Salt Spray
3.  #蓬蓬粉 去油免洗自然造型 Volumist Styling Powder Mist#cloud mist spray
4.  #控油自然 超强塑形喷雾 Volumist Dry Shampoo Spray, 一分钟洗发#免冲洗 No Rinse Off
5.  #喷雾 持久 护发素 Volumist Dry Conditioner Spray, 一分钟护发#免冲洗 No Rinse Off#moisture#保湿
6.  #摩丝蓬松泡沫喷雾 Volumist Foam Premium Mousse
7.  #去屑止痒 保湿洗发水 Volumist Hair Shampoo
8.  #修复 补水 护发素 Volumist Hair Conditioner
9.  #保湿发蜡 干洗二合一 Volumist Styling Clay
10. #干胶强力 保湿喷雾 Volumist Dry Powder Styling Spray

Luxliss Professional Big Hair Volumist brings you a complete product series for hair & scalp oil control to enhance your luxurious hair care and styling experience.

A perfect solution to clean your hair without water anytime, anywhere!
1 minute dry hair shampoo! what you need to do is just SPRAY to achieve dry cleaning, matte finish, instant fullness, natural ingredient-plant powder 2 type of charming fragrances:
  1.  Tropical Fresh
  2.  Green Fresh

How to use: 

Shake it well before use, spray evenly 8 to 10 inches from head and mist through dry hair. Wait a few minutes and then brush thoroughly until the powder is removed.  It’s easy wash out with shampoo and water.



Benefits of Luxliss Volumist Dry Shampoo: 

  • no white residue/ debris left
  • powerful oil absorption
  • refreshing & fluffy
  • pure & fresh fragrance
  • convenient, can use anywhere at anytime!

Who Need Luxliss Volumist Dry Shampoo?

  • a perfect gift for the mother after gave birth during their confinement
  • great for Muslim lady with headscarf or known as Tudung to keep the scalp & hair freshness 24/7


Volumist Big Hair Series with Coconut Oil


The Benefits of Ancient Formula Coconut Oil: 5 Great Hair Care Effect

  1. Repair Damaged Hair
  2. Protect Hair with Anti-Aging properties
  3. Contains Vitamins for Hair Nourishment
  4. Moisture Retention
  5. Reduce Hair Loss


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