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Luxliss Volumist Volume Mousse 250ml #摩丝蓬松泡沫喷雾

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Luxliss Volumist Coconut Oil Volume Mousse For Curly Hair 250ml

Half curly cream & half volume mousse providing elastic curly styling hair the best holding power and texture.

Specially formulated with half curly cream & half volume mousse give hair volume like no other while it providing a natural feel and texture for hair. It gives you natural softness and moist to your hair unlike conventional hair mousse that causes your hair hard in texture & dry.

it’s a high quality mousse with advanced technology that keeps your hair beautiful and elegant.

Direction :-

Shake well. Apply a small amount to the mid lengths and ends of damp or dry hair. Diffuse or air-dry.

#Luxliss #Volumist #Coconut Oil Series

渴望优雅的魅力吗?这并不是什么秘密,长长的海浪和蓬松的卷发都是50度的华丽。有了这些自然的纹理,他们打开了许多不同的造型选择。从updos到down ‘dos到半途而废的折中方案,有那么多的可能性去探索!

💕 #1. 乱编的小马💕
使用: Luxliss Volumist #Mousse
#Dry Powder #Spray

#1. 造型:以湿润的头发开始,运用Luxliss丰盈蓬松造型摩丝,将其弹性的摩丝均匀地涂抹在头发上,然后吹干。晾干后,把它拉到高高的马尾和领带上,小心不要把它拉得太紧。将你的头发松散地梳到末端和安全的地方,最后喷上一层Luxliss丰盈蓬松干胶喷雾。

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 21 cm


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